Model de negocios

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XXI century,
it’s business

Obsolete business models Economic recession Panics on investments markets
! Loosing against your competitors ! Getting blocked by heavy operational costs ! Getting lost in information chaos ! Seeking for effective and secure investment path


XXI century, it’s business reality

Have to seek for a new success roadmap
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Tradition Ltd., Anton Panfilov

e-market development issues
Limited international acceptance of:
• Intellectual property protection

legislation side
! Inconsistent legislation ! Obscure taxation ! Destructive customs regulation !Corruption ! Low business transparency ! Business Process hard to formalize ! Standard approaches do not work

• Fair taxation andcustoms regulation • “Fast tracking" authorities • Global e-cash systems • Transparent logistics systems

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Emerging market solutions /Arsenal 2000

e-market development issues
Lack or weak development:
• Of interoperable hypermedia platforms and solutions featuring:
–Tight business process, media services and communications integration–Hi-level information search, retrieval and knowledge management systems –Open business models support –Natural visualization and interaction tools

Technology side
! Loosen technological potential and leadership ! Weak and irregular communications infrastructure

• E-services rendering infrastructures
–Low spread of public multi-service access points –Limited infrastructure for securee-payment transactions

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Emerging market solutions /Arsenal 2000

Facing the challenge!
Business solutions and technologies for

Facing the challenge

modern economy and lifestyle

Arsenal 2000
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Emerging market solutions /Arsenal 2000

Arsenal 2000 project goal
Customer centrice-business framework
!Integrated business information space
" Web centric environment and content flow control " Knowledge based management & decision support " Integrated media rich collaboration teamwork

!Secure and open platform
" System, application & physical security components " Open source available " Third party components open interface

!Functionality and performance scalability" Business components add on demand functions " Dynamic load and transactions balancing

!Fast ROI and low TCO
" Low entry price, fast and simple deployment " Remote upgrade ability, remote user self service " Automated marketing and sales support

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Emerging market solutions /Arsenal 2000

Integrated Businessflow

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Emerging market solutions /Arsenal 2000

Basic family members
User and dataflow management kernel Business apps and interaction components

Distributed Information Reference System (DIRS)

WEB-Arsenal ™
(e - commerce)

DynaPUB ™

APS/ERP system Arsenal/Navision/1C TeleView ™ NetViser ™ POSView ™ LuxMobil ™

Search & personalizationservices engine

ASP Complete™, MajorDom™
Audit, Billing, Controlling Interactive Terminal Systems (ITS)
(e-services delivery media)

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Emerging market solutions /Arsenal 2000

DIRS points of application
!Internetworking content and systems management environment
"Maintains corporate or public e-services delivery network "Usage analysis basedcontent balancing and profiling "Multimedia communications management

!Application Services Provider core for:
"Content and ISP level billing (MajorDOM, ASP Complete) "Smart Advertising services (NetViser) "Digital video casting and surveillance services (TeleView/PosView)

DETECTOR !Interoperability and intelligence
•Compatible with industry SNMP platforms •Knowledge management and...
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