Model driven architecture

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CTIT Technical Report TR–CTIT–03–27, University of Twente

Model Driven Architecture: Foundations and Applications

Arend Rensink (Editor) 26–27 June 2003, University of Twente

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This report contains the proceedings of the workshop on Model Driven Architecture: Foundations and Application”, held at theUniversity of Twente on 26-27 June 2003. Model Driven Architecture (MDA) proposed by OMG is an approach based on the separation of the specification of system functionality from the specification of the implementation of that functionality on a specific platform. It is aimed at making the software assets more resilient to changes caused by the emerging technologies and makes the role of modeling andmodels in the current software development much more important. The MDA initiative covers a wide spectrum of research areas some of them are already well established and some are newly emerged. Further efforts are required to bring them into a coherent approach based on open standards and supported by matured tools and techniques. The goal of this workshop is to understand the foundations, toanalyze the state of-the-art, to identify problems and solutions, to outline future research directions and to share experience in applying MDA techniques and tools.

Topics of Interest
In the call for papers we asked for full papers and extended abstracts on the following topics: • Ontologies and domain-specific models • MDA development process • Meta modeling and meta models for PIMs and PSMs •Model transformations: foundations and heuristics • Model composition • Aspect-oriented modeling • Variability management • Model validation and model checking • MDA technologies (UML, OCL, XMI) • Executability of models • Code generation based on UML profiles • MDA tools • Experience reports We received a total of 25 submissions, from which after a careful reviewing procedure we put together aprogramme consisting of 7 full papers and 7 short presentations. We have an invited presentation by Wim Bast (of CumpuWare) who is heavily involved in the current Query-View-Transformation (QVT) Request for Proposals of the OMG. The programme also two discussion sessions. Since several of the submitted papers also concerned the QVT RfP, we hope for an interesting exchange of opinions on this subject.i

Invited Speaker
• Wim Bast (CompuWare)

Programme Committee
• Mehmet Aksit, University of Twente, the Netherlands (editor of the journal special issue on MDA) • Uwe Assmann, University of Linkøping, Sweden • Wim Bast, Compuware, the Netherlands • Klaas van den Berg, University of Twente, the Netherlands • Jean B´zivin, University of Nantes, France e • Jan Bosch, University of Groningen,the Netherlands • Paul Clements, Software Engineering Institute, USA • Krzysztof Czarnecki, University of Waterloo, Canada • Gregor Engels, University of Paderborn, Germany • Andy Evans, University of York, U.K. • Jean-Marc J´equel, IRISA, France z • Anneke Kleppe, Klasse Objecten, the Netherlands • Paul Klint, CWI, the Netherlands • Tom Mens, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium • Arend Rensink,University of Twente, The Netherlands (PC chair) • Bedir Tekinerdogan, Bilkent University, Turkey

Local organisation
• Klaas van den Berg • Ivan Kurtev, University of Twente, The Netherlands (local chair)


Programme Full papers
A model driven approach to model transformations Biju Appukuttan, Tony Clark, Sreedhar Reddy, Laurence Tratt and R. Venkatesh UMLX: A graphicaltransformation language for MDA Edward D. Willink Model Transformations for the MDA with BOTL Frank Marschall and Peter Braun CODEX - An AutomaticModel View Controller Engineering System Henrik Larsson, Kalle Burbeck A Generic Deep Copy Algorithm for MOF-Based Models Ivan Porres and Marcus Alanen Supporting Model-to-Model Transformations: The VMT Approach Shane Sendall, Gilles Perrouin, Nicolas Guelfi...
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