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ENGLISH DEPARTMENT %:_____________
TEACHER: José Francisco Porras Rojas PTS:___________
NAME: Tatiana Centeno Gutierréz
Analysis: The Last Leaf
Characters (5pts)
Main Characters:
Sue is artist she loves to paint.
Joanna has pneumonia and she no want o live.
The Doctor always motive Joanna to live
Behrman: he is an Old man and was a painter who lived on the ground floor beneath them.
Plot (10pts)
This story is about two young women wholive in old Greenwich Village and they live there together they love paint, they are good at art but one day one of them get sink joanna could die, she get has pneumonia.
Sue is a familiar who talkto the doctor about the illness and the doctor says that she has possibility to live, because he notice that Joanna want to die, but if she fight to live, she could live.
After that Sue goes to theopportunity and there she hear to Joanna counting the leaves that have fallen, in that moment Johnsy tells her about the idea of die when the last leaf falls. When Sue hears that, she gets mad and sheasked her to try to sleep and don´t look through the window.
subsequently, Sue goes to visit Behrman, a model and a painter too, and she tells him about what Johnsy said. He also gets mad about theideas of that girl. After that, they went upstairs to work, Johnsy was sleeping.
In the morning when Johnsy wake up, she want to see if the leaf was fallen, but the leaf stills there, she tought itfell during the night because it was very windy.
Another day came and the leaf was there, that made Johnsy think about her idea of die, she wanted to live.
The next day the doctor says she is outdanger, but that afternoon Sue tells to Johnsy bad news, Mr. Behrman died of pneumonia and also she tells her about the mistery of that leaf, it had been painted during the night when the last leaf had...
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