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Coke realized that consumer preferences are changing and they are now open to new beverage. Also the company realizes that the war being Coca andPepsi is lagging behind and now they have to put their eyes around the whole beverage market. Another point is that Coke realized that the quickest way toattack these consumers who find a substitute beverage in the market was selling this new beverage by its (his) distribution channels like Honest Tea.At the same time smalls companies like Honest Tea realized that the easiest way to penetrate the market was through the distribution channels of one ofthe two largest beverage companies. In this case they had the opportunity to form allies with coke. The reason for this is because coke or Pepsico hasoccupied the points of sale in every super market or convenient stores
In addition it is also important to mention that Coke realized that it wasimportant to develop new drinks, not just as distributors but also like producers, that why was created a subsidiary which develops this kind ofbeverage.
Another highlight are that Pepsico did not have to make allies was because they do have the production of different types of beverages includingice tea, flavored water, etc.
Generalizing the importance of this journal we can say the important fact to keep growing is the need to develop newproducts for the new preference of the consumers and never try to keep just with one product, like the saying goes “Never put all your eggs in one basket”
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