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Wireless G USB Network Adapter Adaptateur réseau G sans fil USB Adaptador de red USB Wireless G Ativa Tech Support US: 1-866-91-ATIVA (1-866-912-8482)
© 2006 Ativa. All rights reserved. All trade names are registered trademarks of respective manufacturers listed. Windows is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/orother countries. © 2006 Ativa. Toutes les marques de commerce sont des marques déposées des fabricants respectifs énumérés. Windows est soit une marque de commerce, soit une marque déposée de Microsoft Corporation aux États-Unis et/ou dans d’autres pays. © 2006 Ativa. Todos los nombres comerciales son marcas comerciales registradas de los respectivos fabricantes enumerados. Windows es ya sea unamarca comercial registrada o una marca comercial de Microsoft Corporation en EE.UU. y/u otros países. P75229

Wireless G USB

Network Adapter

Start Here
If installing numerous networking devices at the same time, always install your Router first before installing other network components, such as notebook cards and desktop cards.

Quick Installation Guide

Make sure you have thefollowing:

Installation Software CD

Wireless G USB Network Adapter

Desktop Stand

User Manual on CD

System Requirements
PC-compatible laptop computer with one available USB slot CD-ROM drive Windows ® 2000 and XP

Quick Setup

Make sure you have the following


Knowing your Wireless G USB Network Adapter
Protective Cap Activity LED

USB Adapter

Desktop Adapter Base(Optional use)

Product Placement: The best location for your Adapter is on top of your computer’s monitor. Placing the Adapter on your desktop is acceptable; however, avoid placing the Adapter near metal objects such as a computer case or speakers. Any object that is metal has the ability to block the radio signals from the Adapter.

Knowing your Wireless G USB Network Adapter


Important Note: Install the software before inserting the Adapter.
1.1 Insert the installation software CD into your
CD-ROM drive.

1.2 The Ativa Wireless Networking Utility setup
screen will automatically appear (may take 15–20 seconds to appear).

1.3 Click “install” from the menu.


1.4 Choose an installation location, and click
“Next” to accept the defaultlocation; click “Browse” to select a different location before clicking “Next”. (click)


NOTE for Windows Users:
If the Ativa Wireless Networking Utility setup screen does not appear within 20 seconds, access your CD-ROM drive: double-click on the “My Computer” icon and then double-click on the CD-ROM drive into which you have placed the installation CD. Double-click on the folder named“Files”, then double-click on the icon named “setup.exe”.



2. Connect

Plug the Adapter into an available USB slot on your notebook computer
2.1 During the install process, you will be
prompted to insert your Adapter. Plug the Adapter into an available USB port on your computer and follow the on-screen instructions. Note: If your system did not prompt you to insert yourAdapter after the installation is completed, please do so now.

2.2 Ativa Wireless Networking Utility installation
is now complete. Click “Finish” to close the Wizard. (click)
For Desktops: For Notebooks:




3. Configure
Use the Ativa Wireless Networking Utility

3.1 After successfully installing the Adapter,
double-click the Ativa Wireless Networking Utility icon onthe desktop screen.

3.2 The Ativa Wireless Networking Utility icon
can also be found on the system tray.

3.3 The Ativa Wireless Networking Utility
screen will appear. Select a network to connect to from the “Available Networks” list and click “Connect”. (click)


In order to see your available networks, you must be near a working wireless router or access point....
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