Modernidad líquida

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Indian restaurant

“The elephant” is an indian restaurant situated in the centre of my town, Granollers.

This is one of my favourite places to spenda good meal with friends or with the family

because the food is good, there is a good service and is a little local, so you cannot get

stressedbecause the noise of the people.

There are a lot of kinds of Indian dishes, but the most of them are spicy, so if you

don’t like spicy food Irecommend not to go there because you won’t be able to eat

anything. The waiters are Indians but they speak spanish perfectly so you can borrow

themwhat you want because they will understand you. The decoration is one of the best

things in the restaurant because it looks like an indian palace: thereare so many figures,

statues, plants, fountains… with this ambience when the people is eating, they can

believe that they are in Bombay.

Therestaurant have one service that I thing is very useful for birthdays or

celebrations, you can book a room for to be only with your accompanistswithout other

clients around you and you will have a service especially for you. There is only one

aspect witch I don’t like: the price, the restaurant isvery good in general but is very

expensive, you have to keep so much money before come there.

Anyways, I will recommenate this restaurant toeverybody because every time I went

there, I had a very good time and for this reason I don’t mind to pay a little bitt more

than other restaurants.
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