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  • Publicado : 25 de enero de 2012
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Our story takes place in England in the early 19th century. At theat time , many people lived in small villages all over the century. The menwere usually farmers who worked hard on their land. The women looked after their small houses and the children. Life was not always easy butthe people were used to this.

Raveloe was a pleasant, peaceful village situated in a velley and there were trees all roundit. There was good,fertile land there, so it wasn't a poor place. There was a church in the cillage, but the people or Reveloe weren't very religious and thechurch wasn't a big part of their lives. There was also a pub, called the Rainbow. All the men went there whentheir day's work was finiched, tohave a drink and to talk about village matters. The village was far from the main road, and the inhabitans didn't often travel to other places.Therefore, the pub was very important to them as a place to meet. It was the social centre of the villagers' lives.

Silas Marner lived in asmall stone house in Raveloe. He was different from the other men in village. He wasn't a farmer but a weaver who sat at his loom for 16 housr aday, making material which he then sold to the villagers. Solas was a thin, pale man, cho was 40 years old but looked much older. He had verylarge, prominet eyes which use to frighten the children of the village when he first arrived there .

Silas had been living in Raveloe for