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Heavy Duty Vibratory Feeders
Hi–Vi Electromagnetic
Heavy–duty units for large capacity and difficult material handling operations – now with greater feeding capability.


…Only from Eriez.

Eriez’ unique Hi–Vi magnetic drive
circuit provides a simple yet powerful solution to difficult material feeding applications.

• Electro–permanent magnet drive • AC operation •Simple controls • Encapsulated coils • Variety of trays • Enclosed drive element • Low power consumption • 3 year warranty • Up to 20% higher feeding capacity than previous models



Up to 20% greater capacity of Eriez Heavy Duty Vibratory Feeders means greater productivity at lower cost. In addition, you get all the features that for years have made Eriez Feeders theleaders in quality and dependability. Electro–Permanent Magnetic Drive The basic simplicity of a drive powered by alternately opposing and attracting magnetic forces assures low maintenance. There are no sliding or rotating parts. Power consumption is low, installation easy. The positive driving force of Eriez units provides stability, control, and unexcelled accuracy. AC Operation No rectifiersare required; feeders are simply wired into AC lines. Simple Controls Compact variable transformer–type controls regulate feeder speed by varying applied voltage. Control is stepless from 0 to 100 % of capacity, with excellent linearity. Almost no heat is generated. SCR controls are available for automated operation. Single feeders or groups of feeders can be remotely controlled from one station.Controls with solid–state components are available for all units. Encapsulation The coil and magnet in Eriez’ drive unit are encapsulated in epoxy, eliminating coil movement and thus extending trouble–free coil life. Enclosed Drive Element The completely enclosed drive element, dust and moisture resistant, extends coil life, makes external cleaning easier. Special enclosures are available fordusty locations where Class II Group G equipment is normally used. High Temperature Units Standard units operate at temperatures up to 135°F (57°C). High–temperature units are available for temperatures up to 300°F (150°C). Variety of Trays In addition to a wide variety of standard trays, special trays with screens,

grizzlies, dust covers, abrasive liners, heated liners, etc., are available.impressed upon the permanent magnet that prevents it from ever losing its strength. Since the amplitude of vibration depends directly upon the forces applied at the poles, and since these forces depend directly upon the applied AC voltage, simple variation of the AC voltage from zero to maximum results in similar amplitude variation from zero to maximum.
Variable Transformer Electro-Magnet A-C PowerSupply

Old–style electromagnetic vibratory equipment operates with an inefficient attract release system: a spring–mounted moving mass is alternately attracted by a rectified pulsating DC electromagnet and returned to its original position solely by the springs. The Eriez HI–VI system, on the other hand, incorporates a lifetime permanent magnet(part of a spring– mounted moving mass) whose poles are intermeshed with those of an electromagnet powered directly by an AC line. This results in the spring–mounted moving mass being both attracted and repelled by the AC electromagnet equally on each half of the AC cycle. In the diagram below, the poles of the permanent magnet are shown intermeshed in the air gaps of the AC electromagnet. Thepolarity of the permanent magnet is fixed, while the polarity of the electromagnet alternates at line frequency. The electromagnet polarity is shown as it exists on one side of the AC sine wave; note that both poles of the permanent magnet are attracted toward the unlike electromagnet poles while being repelled in the same direction by the like poles. Thus there are four forces acting together to...
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