Molly brown is not a clown

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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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Molly brown is not a clown.
Anna Elizabeth Chacon Flores

The book that I read was about a girl named Molly Brown, she was a 11 years old girl who didn’t like to eat fast food or anything likethat ske just liked healthy food like broccoli, carrots, etcetera. Molly’s mom always wanted to give her unhealthy food like candy, hamburgers, any kind of dessert, but Molly didn’t liked it. Molly’smother is a clown and that is something that often embarrassed Molly, because she thinks everyone else thinks that she is a clown too. I don’t think Molly should feel embarrassed because her mother is aclown; it is just a work like any other the only different think is that they make people happy. Molly’s mom is called Candyma’am when she is a clown but her real name is Candace Brown. Everyone lovesCandyma’am. Molly’s dad was a clown too, but he dies long time ago, or at least that’s what Molly’s mom told her, but she never totally believed it.
Molly’s best friend is Trouper that is the wayshe calls him but his real name is Tao-Tzu. Molly and Trouper always say that they are going to get married when they grow up. They didn’t like cell-phones or phones so they invented other ways fortalk with each other.
Candyma’am asked Molly if she could go to a circus presentation in which she would act too. Molly didn’t want to go but Candyma’am convinced her to go. There were other clowns too,and Molly confused one clown whit her dad, she thought it was her dad because he was very tall and Molly couldn’t see his face and she remembered his dad very tall. That is why she decided to followthe circus, because she wanted to find her dad and talk to him. She told Trouper that he had to go with her because those were the kind of things friends do for other friends. But Trouper was groundedbecause he wanted to steal a backpack for Molly.
Molly made a great plan for get rid of from their parents, because Trouper’s parents were very strict. They steal Candace’s car Trouper was the one...