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Essay # 1

Some people think that having Money leads to happiness. Do you agree? Why or why not? What advantage or disadvantage of being wealthy?

Money is a resource that is needed tohave access to goods and services in order to satisfy our desires. Some people think that with money they can buy or rule the world but the real thing is that this resource brings more facilities andoptions in their life, such as having a fancy house, visiting new places, amazing ones, meeting new cultures, eating delicious plates, knowing more about the world we live, all of this means having agood way of living.
Been wealthy might bring us many advantages but also we can find many disadvantages along the way.
So isn’t amazing have access to everything we want? But money leads to happiness?Well it depends in which kind of happiness we are talking about.
As far I am concerned money gives to people an amazing feeling of satisfaction, make them feel powerful, make them think that theirway of working is excellent so their effort is compensate in a very good manner. Besides if your are young you can pay a marvelous education, maintain your health in a very good condition or you cando some retouches in your body if you wish.
In my opinion something very positive for the community, is when a wealthy man is also a charitable person, that brings many advantages because we can seealso that a man with money doesn’t mean that don’t have ideals, emotions, feelings or cares about the others, sometimes they help more.
Money make people to improve more every day, been wealthyhelps them to be peaceful, relax, joyful sometimes, yeah it helps a little bit to make them feel pleased I mean talking about buying some things that make happy to another person, occasionally moneyattributes to a kind detail such as a rose, a teddy bear, a puppy, all that type of stuff.
On the other hand a negative aspect of been wealthy is that money might become an addiction, some people...
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