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i-com User Instructions

- Table of Contents 1. About the program 2. Things to know when using the program 3. Starting the program 4. Screen descriptions 4.1. Tool bar 4.1.1. Start / Finish Demo 4.1.2. Lock / Release Screen 4.1.3. Message 4.1.4. Lock / Unlock Message 4.1.5. Remote Control 4.1.6. Reset 4.1.7. Power On 4.1.8. Rebooting 4.1.9. Log-off 4.1.10. Configuration 4.2. Tab 4.2.1. User PCList 4.2.2. Virtual IP List 4.2.3. Snapshot List 4.3. PC Thumbnail List 4.3.1. Changing The Thumbnail Size 4.3.2. Changing User PC Positions 4.3.3. Selecting A User PC 4.3.4. Popup Menus of A User PC 4.3.5. Start User Demo 4.3.6. User PC Monitoring 4.3.7. User PC Control 4.3.8. Snapshot 4.3.9. Remote Command 4.3.10. Back Up 4.3.11. Deleting User PC 5. Configuration 5.1. General 5.2. Virtual IP5.3. Virtual IP Control 6. FAQ Glossary

1. About the program

The program is optimized for the LG Network Monitor TM to offer classroom assistance between the manager/teacher and user/student in a school IT lab environment.

2. Things to know when using the program
When an O/S or network obstacle occurs, This S/W could be restricted. The program may not operate properly in a DHCP-onlyenvironment. It is recommended to use the program where a network administrator has the option to assign static IP addresses to each connected network device. The manager assigns one of the virtual IP addresses to each Network Monitor connected for user operation. The setup is to allow each device designated with one of the virtual IP addresses; a Network Monitor being the target of the connectionrather than a Windows login user, such as administrator, User 1 or User 2, etc., for the IP designation. Consequently, different virtual IP addresses will be assigned to each Network Monitor which is accessed from the same user account.

Machines: Same user Account: Assigned Virtual IP:

Network Monitor#1 User1

Network Monitor#2 User1

Network Monitor #3 User110.10.10.3

The cable that connects the Host PC to a Network Monitor looks identical to a network cable, while serving as a monitor cable as well. When connected to the vSpace card of the Host PC, the on-going session will be displayed to the Network Monitor. Actual processing action is carried out from the Host PC, which also allows viewing of the session on the connecting Network Monitors.

3.Starting the program
After the successful installation on a PC by the i-com Manager Tool Setup program, the following Manager Tool icon will be created.

Double-click on the icon to start the program.

☞ Warning! Do not abort the stations of the network monitor running on the Vspace console

program while installation of an i-com program is in progress. Aborting the network monitor stationwhile installation is in progress may result in an incomplete installation of the program.

4. Screen description
The screen is divided into the following four zones. 1



4 ① ② ③ ④ Tool bar zone Tab list zone Thumb-nail zone Log-in information zone

* The functions of the tab list zone and the thumbnail are different with no interaction between them. The tab list zone has editing andcontrol features, while the thumbnail zone is designed to work with viewing and action tools.

4.1. Tool bar
Any action from the tool bar applies to each PC. For a PC-specific action, choose the PC from the User PC list and right-click for further functions. 4.1.1. Start / Finish Demo - Description Displays the manager’s screen to each selected User PC. ① Start Demo Click the notificationwindow. button from the tool bar, and select “Yes” on the open

The Demo begins as notification for Demo in progress appears on each screen in the thumbnail zone.

Note: 1. When starting a Demo Ma;nager Monitor: The screen flashes once. User Monitor: The monitor will go blank for a couple of seconds, indicating the program’s booting up, with the mouse cursor changing to “wait" (hour glass)...
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