Mono albino

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He was an albino gorilla. He was the only known albino gorilla so far, and the most popular residentof the Barcelona Zoo in Catalonia.

He became famous world-one years after his arrival by National Geographic magazine, which published a story and a photoon the cover of the great Snowflake, the most beloved animal in the history of Barcelona.

Snowflake had 22 children. Direct descendants survived five andseven grandchildren. No one was albino. However, after the death of Barcelona Zoo primate kept samples of their DNA (which, incidentally, shared by 97.7% inhumans).

Morphologically it was normal except that it was white, skin and hair being completely devoid of pigmentation. The eye had a blueishsclera, a normal cornea, and a light blue iris which was very transparent to transillumination

He died on November 17, 2003 at 6:40 in themorning. The Barcelona Zoo veterinarians decided the animal was not to suffer more. The wound which came under the armpit continued to rise, almost communicatingwith her ​​chest. The white gorilla had a skin from cancer since 2001 and it was incurable. The gorilla had gone through surgery twice, but at this stage of thedisease nothing could be done for his life only increase their suffering. After his death, was cremated and buried at the zoo on November 25, alongsideGorilla Space. In the place of burial was planted a tree, a 'Calodendrum capense', originally from Africa.

To end this gorilla made ​​history for being white
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