Monografia de la industria del cine en ingles

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In this paper I’m going to talk about the cinema industry and the influence this movies have in the American society. I found this theme very interesting because Hollywood is one the most important and influential things on the American people, so by making research about what is Hollywood all about and how the American society think and behave, an idea of how cinema can take part inAmerican’s daily life can be explained.

The first chapter will present a brief description about the history of this industry, and will talk about the first movie that was ever made. Both silent and golden ages in cinema (stages) will also be explained along this chapter. Second chapter will describe the American culture and explain The American way of living that is characterized by anopenness and accommodation. A small description about American culture will be added to explain both “how” and “why” they think in such specific way.
The third chapter is about Hollywood, it mentions it´s origins and history. and also talks about the importance of the cinema industry in this place, It explains how Hollywood became the American capital of the cinema industry.
The fourth chapter talksabout the film genres, they are comedy, horror, western, action, drama, science fiction, crime and adventure in the chapter I write the characteristics of each one of these genres.
The last chapter summarizes the influence cinema has in society, and also explains how the media influence has grown exponentially with the advance of technology.

All these chapters and the topics chosen in thispaper are very important to understand the main meaning of this work, that is the influence of cinema in American culture and how this takes part in people´s daily life.

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Chapter 1. History of cinema 4
Chapter 2. American culture 7
Chapter 3. Hollywood 7
Chapter 4. Film genres 10
Chapter 5. Influence of cinema on society 11Conclusion 12
Bibliography 12

It seems to me that Hollywood stars set the image and influence of America GREATLY. I finally figured out why the American people look like a bunch of superficial idiots in this world, and that is the image set from these stars that the entire world sees. They are super rich, super flashy, and liveamong the elite without (perhaps) a true understanding of reality in this world. I guess it saddens me to see this because I don't believe that Hollywood stardom is a true representative of the American people.
When I talk of the cinema being taken seriously, I mean, of course, taken seriously as a social influence: we are not at this time concerned with the status of the motion-picture either asart or entertainment, though I would assert that it deserves careful attention in those spheres also. (Incidentally, without wishing to start an argument about definitions, I prefer to speak of the social, rather than the sociological, influence of the cinema.)
Again, when I say it is important that the cinema should now be taken seriously, I mean, of course, taken seriously by such people asyourselves. There has never been much question about its being taken seriously by those who make money from it, or in another way by the ordinary rank-and-file of filmgoers. Yet until fairly recently those who are interested in the social sciences have, in general, tended to neglect the motion-picture as a subject for careful study.

Chapter 1. History of cinemaEra of Experimentation 1800s - 1915
Both Edison and the Lumière brothers originally shot film of less than one minute on small enclosed stages. The very first films shot at studio showed people doing rather ordinary things -- sneezing, dancing, talking. The Lumiere brothers were the first to take the camera outside a studio, shooting film of everyday life in Paris and, soon, around the world....
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