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Extended Essay

Area: Biology

A study of the effect of different types of fertilizers on the growth of Phaseolus vulgaris

By: Paola Suarez

Candidate Number: 000856-020

February 2010

Word Count: 3300


The purpose of this experiment was to determine if there was any change between the plants grown organically from those grown with chemical fertilizers. Thus theresearch question was: How is the growth, bean production, biomass and physical appearance affected on Phaseolus vulgaris by the use of different types of fertilizers? The hypothesis of the experiment was that the plants that are treated with the organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers will not show significant difference in bean production, growth, biomass, and/or physical appearance.

Theexperiment was done during the course of eight weeks. The bean plants were grown in three different environments. The first group(the control group), 36 bean plants were grown in 6 pots (each pot containing 6 seeds). The second group (chemical group), 36 bean plants were grown in 6 pots with soil and chemical fertilizer. The third group (organic group), 36 bean were planted with soil and wormcompost. There results were compared to the results of the control group which had the best end result.

The experiment was done in school grounds.
The hypothesis was supported. The results show that there is no significant difference between the bean plants grown with chemical fertilizer and those grown with organic fertilizer.
Table of contents:

|Cover page|1 |
|Abstract |2 |
|Table of Contents |3 ||Introduction |4-5 |
|Procedure |5-6 |
|Data and Analysis |7-14|
|Conclusion |15 |
|Bibliography |16 |
|Raw Data |17-19|


During the past decade a more eco-friendly life style has evolved. We can observe in supermarkets that they include more organic food. Furthermore, there is an increasing amount of naturalistic and environmentally friendly stores. In agriculture a change from chemically grown products to organically grown products hasbeen observed. This form of agriculture is less harmful for the environment as a whole and healthier for the human body. As part of this new form of agriculture, organically grown products has been encouraged; chemical fertilizers are more harmful for the environment due to its ingredients. (The ecological role of biodiversity in agroecosystems) (Quality Low Input Food)

To analyze whichproducts, organic or chemically grown are better, three different aspects need to be discussed: the materials used to create the fertilizer, the effects the fertilizers have on the environment, and the effect on plant production.

The organic fertilizer is created by compost, which is a form of reusing the organic wastes that society leaves behind. In this form compost is a form to prevent the...
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