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IB Extended Essay:
“Influence of the Jazz Age on the modern era.”

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By: Estéfano Semanate

IB Code: 000523-054

Date: January 21st , 2011

I. Abstract
I’m quite sure you’ve heard of the Jazz Age or the 1920s. Well, it a very important period of history that occurred in the United States of America. It marked the entireworld and worked as the start line of many things that we live and do nowadays. How has the famous Jazz Age influenced our modern times? There are positive aspects that we now practice and have to thank that decade for bringing into our lives, but the Jazz Age has a darker , more negative list of things that were involved and created in the society of the United States of America. Things such ascorruption of a dream, prohibition and the rise of boardwalk empire that was the cradle by great criminals in the society, a war of mafias and corruption through time. The lack of rights, freedom and mestreatmenst that women suffered at the time, the new gambling society and the way that citizens play and how even sports, games and many things became corrupt and fixed. The Jazz Age was a prettynegative period for any society.

II. Acknowledgments
I want to give special thanks to my teacher Sandra Silva for being such a good extended essay supervisor even though we had a few inconvenient and troubles in the development. For helping me in all the development of my subject my thesis and my final presentation of the work. Also I want to thank the US embassy for helping me to search allmy bibliography and eased me the hard work of searching books and interesting web sites for me to find all my information.

III. Index
I. Abstract
II. Acknowledgments
III. Index
IV. Introduction
V. Development of Supporting Arguments and Historical Facts that Support the Thesis
A. History of the 1920s
1. The American Dream and Corruption of it.
B. What is theprohibition in the United States of America the and types of prohibitions in the 1920s the time.
1. Bootlegging
2. The Mob
a. Al Capone (the boardwalk empire and organized crime)
3. Women in the Jazz Age
a. Inequality
b. Suffrage
4. Gambling and Game Fixing
a. The Black Sox Scandal
C. Critical Analysis of “Great Gatsby”
1. Brief Summary of the Book2. Critical Analysis of the Major Characters
a. Jay Gatsby
b. Daisy Buchanan
c. Nick Caraway
d. Tom Buchanan
e. Myrtle Wilson
D. Life in the 20s and Now (comparison)
E. Analysis of the Survey made
VI. Conclusion
1. Personal Opinion of the Project, Final Observation and Argumentation.
VII. Appendixes
VIII. Annexes
IX. Bibliography

As I said before, The Jazz age was a very negative period (among some positive aspects that brought into society). It’s an interesting subject to analyze because it’s one of the motifs of why we live in this society we today. My research question was: How has the famous Jazz age influenced our modern times? And my thesis is the reason why I chose this topic. I chose this topic because I wantto analyze it, for example the corruption of a dream, sports and games, the breeding of the organized crime and women hardships. I will use any ways to prove my topic, for example a little survey that had 2 simple questions. These questions are made to students who already learned about the 1920s and the purpose of the survey is to see if most of the students that answer the survey think like meand believe that the Jazz Age negatively influenced to the world in which we live nowadays. Another way is to make a critical analysis of the characters of the book “The Great Gatsby”. Scott Fitzgerald wrote this book as a critic to the way of living in those times, and the characters that appear in the novel are clear subjects and representation of the 1920s. Another way to argument my thesis...
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