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  • Publicado : 10 de mayo de 2011
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In this essay I have attempted to illustrate how leadership is depicted in Lord of the Flies and Harry Potter paying particular attention to the effective use of binary opposites toportray believable characters that can withstand the situations in which they are thrust upon. Binary opposites are particularly important because by presenting opposites in the political spectrum withcontrasting ideas and values, it is easier to get a clear idea of the personality of each leader as there is an opposite figure to compare it with.

Moreover, it was proven that both authors reliedon historical situations not just for drawing parallels of previous political situations or as significant moments in their lives that shaped their view on life, but also so that the reader canidentify the character with its analogous historical counterparts. Although it is clear that they are not exactly alike, they share similar traits with historical figures that make them more believable.Furthermore, there has been an ample discussion of the physical characteristics of each leader and in the way in which this affects their popularity or portrays aspects of their personality. Thefindings were that they were significant in portraying the leader to the reader because the image that they have in our head is supported by their physique and, as stated by an article “people who areattractive were judged to be more socially competent and were attributed with tendencies to be more sociable, extraverted, and popular than their less attractive counterparts[1]” (Eagly, Ashmore,Makhijani, & Longe, 1991). It is a fact that there are cultural stereotypes which are used to transmit a message to the audience, which in this case are well used by the authors.

Moreover, the physicalconfrontation between the binary opposites in the book serve to show that although there is a relative importance to the physical strength of an individual, what actually gives them support and power is...