Monologo teseo ariadna ( ingles)

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  • Publicado : 26 de abril de 2010
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A: I am Ariadna, I am the daughter of Minos and Pasiphae, and I am princess of Crete
`T: I am Theseus,I am son of Etra and Egeo, I am prince of Athens`
A: I have two brothers:
`the Minotauror asterion, born of the union between a white bull and my mother.`
myfather asked Poseidon for help to conquer Crete
`Poseidon helps him by drawing a white bull from the sea. Minoshas tosacrifice the bull in the name of Poseidon, but captivated by her beauty,He hide itand hesacrificed another bull`
`when Poseidondiscover what happened, he makes my mother fell in love with the bull.``Pasiphae, unable to conquer the bull, asks Dedalo helps to build a wooden cow where to hide, tricking the bulland consummate their love. Fromthis union was born the Minotaur, half man, half bull.``T: The problem was that the Minotaur only ate human flesh.Minos, in their desperation to hide it,sendDedaloto build a labyrinth, with endless corridors, in different directions and crossing betweenthem but with a single corridor leading to the Minotaur.`
`A: at the same time, Androgeo my brother,was murdered at the Olympic Games of Athens.`
`T: the king of Crete declared war totheAthenians.`
`he conquered Megara he did surrender to the Athenians.Minos'svictory,imposed several conditions. The most important was given to 7 young and 7 maidens as a sacrifice to the Minotaur, every 9years. The 14 youths were placed in the maze,doomed to meet the beast, to be their food,but if someone kills the Minotaur, the condition is just`
`After 27 years, I decided to take the place of oneof these young.`
I traveled to Crete to kill the Minotaur and liberate my people
`A: When I saw you, I fell in loveandI offeredto you my help. I gave you a magic sword to kill the Minotaur``T: You gave me a ball of thread, to escape the labyrinth after killing the Minotaur. Do you remember when Your father found out
my triumph, he went crazy and sent to kill me.`
`A: but he...
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