Monster inc

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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2012
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Date: Monday, 16th January 2012
Monster Inc the Movie

* Setting
In Monstropolis, a city inhabited by monsters, a curious plant "cries processing" is responsible forconverting the energy shocks of the children until a small invade this world without fear and reverses the order established.
* Characters
* James P. Sullivan
* Mike Wazowski
* Boo
* RandallBoggs
* Celia Mae
* Roz
* Fungus
* Abominable Snowman
* Henry J. Waternoose III
* Details
* The monsters are happy and can live together.
* The monsters arenot dangerous beings, have feelings and can love.
* At work there are good and bad companions.
* - The implementation of good ideas from the same threats timely return we get a successfulbusiness
* Conflict
Monstropolis is a city populated entirely by monsters. The monster world can be connected to children's bedrooms in the human world through closet doors. When a door is properlyactivated, it becomes a portal between the monster world and the human world. The city's power supply is provided by Monsters, Inc., a power plant that employs monsters to scare children and extractenergy from their screams. The company has a large warehouse full of doors, work areas called "scare floors" where the doors are activated, and a special training room in which employees practice theirscare skills. The company's best scarer is James "Sulley" Sullivan, whose assistant is his best friend and room mate Michael "Mike" Wazowski. Sulley's main rival is Randall Boggs.
Oneday, Sullivan is a door that Randall had left for him to find.That door will miss a two-year old girl call Boo. Ully Mike and grow attached to the girl and start to care and love. But after a whilethechild Protection Agency is to find the girl and they have to deliver.At the end Sully returns to the girl and with Wazowki founded a new company which is now laughing and Mike is the new big funny.
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