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Basically Linux can access (after mounting) any partition, whose filesystem it can recognize (e.g. Fat 32, Ext2). Windows 95/98 partitions are Fat32 partitions and these can be accessed through Linuxwith some settings. This article helps you do that. Once you have done that, you can save your work on these partitions and also access all your data from these partitions. Making a filesystem to bevisible under Linux (or including a filesystem under Linux) is knows as 'Mounting that filesystem'.

I have around 1 GB of mp3s on my Windows partition and creating a duplicate copy of that in myLinux partition doesn't make sense. So currently I access my Fat32 partition through Linux (after mounting them) and I can play all the mp3s that are present in my Windows partitions, through Linux.(By the way I use XMMS to play mp3s. Article No. 5 explains how to make good use of XMMS).

Setup :

The setup of my system is explained in the table

Linux device
Type Description/dev/hda1
2 GB
Win 95 Fat32 C:\ in Windows (Within Primary Partition)
1 GB
Linux Native Consists of / and /boot (Within Primary Partition)
Linux Swap (Within PrimaryPartition)
Win 95 Fat32 D:\ in Windows
Logical 1st partition (Within Extended Partition)
Linux Native Consists of /usr
Logical 2nd partition (Within Extended Partition)
Mypartition /dev/hda5 is reserved for mp3s alone. The procedure below lets me mount that partition and whenever I start Linux, all the data on that partition is available to me.

Procedure :

1.Use Linuxconf for doing the following. You can start Linuxconf from the Gnome Programs Menu ->System Submenu or from the K Menu or by typing 'linuxconf' at the prompt (bash).
Select Filesystemsfrom the left panel.
Then click on Access local drives in the left panel.
You would be shown the current local filesystems that are recognized by Linux. Click on Add button
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