Morality of abortion

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Morality of abortion
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary abortion is defined as “the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of theembryo or fetus”. It has been decades now of people debating whether abortion should be allowed or not, but beyond that if it is morally acceptable or not. Many people disagree with the practice sinceit means terminate a human life, to other people it life starts at the moment of birth. Some people explain that abortion can be made if the fetus does not feel pain, but how can we define whenexactly is that? Is a 3 week pregnancy less important than a 6 months pregnancy?
Based on the Katan theory there are two points of view, if the fetus is considered a person then this future life has thesame rights as any other one, therefore abortion equals killing. On the other hand, if the fetus is not considered a person there will be another option instead of abortion such as adoption; thenabortion is not morally correct since there is another exit out.
There are various perspectives from the utilitarian stand point, was we already know a utilitarian will focus more in the greatesthappiness of the majority. Consequently, abortion would be morally acceptable if a woman is pregnant as a result of being raped and she has no money to support the child after the birth. On the other hand itcould have a collateral experience of regret since she is terminating a life (or potential life), besides the great damage she is causing to her uterus and possible side effects on her body.
Naturallaw practitioners will always disagree with abortion since it will stop the natural flow of life. The animals do not practice abortion why is that? It goes against the nature and it will basicallykill an innocent person with no option to self defense. The only time that a Natural law theorist would accept abortion would be when both, the mother and the children will die; then abortion is...
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