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Tis Pity She's a WhoreHippolita verbally attacks Soranzo, furious with him for letting her send her husband (Richardetto) on a dangerous journey she believed would result in his death so that theycould be together, then declining his vows and abandoning her. Soranzo leaves and Vasques promises to help Hippolita get revenge on Soranzo, and the pair agree to marry after they murder him.Ironically, Richardetto is not dead but also in Parma with niece Philotis, and is also desperate for revenge against Soranzo. He convinces Grimaldi that in order to win Annabella, he should stab Soranzo (hismain competition) with a poisoned sword. Unfortunately, Bergetto and Philotis, now betrothed, are planning to marry secretly in the place Richardetto orders Grimaldi to wait, and Grimaldi mistakenlystabs and kills Bergetto instead, leaving Philotis, Poggio and Donado distraught.

Annabella resigns herself to marrying Soranzo, knowing she has to choose someone and it can't be her brother. Shesubsequently falls ill and it is revealed that she is pregnant. Friar Bonaventura then convinces her to marry Soranzo in haste in order to avoid shame and damnation.

Meanwhile Donado and Florio goto the Cardinal's house, where Grimaldi has been in hiding, to beg for justice. The Cardinal refuses due to Grimaldi's high status and instead sends him back to Rome. Florio tells Donado to wait forGod to bring them justice.

Annabella and Soranzo are married soon after, and their ceremony includes masque dancers, one of whom reveals herself to be Hippolita. She claims to be willing to drink atoast with Soranzo, and the two raise their glasses and drink, on which note she explains that her plan was to poison his wine. Vasques comes forward and reveals that he was always loyal to his master,and in fact he poisoned Hippolita. She dies spouting insults and damning prophecies to the newlyweds. Seeing the effects of anger and revenge, Richardetto abandons his plans and sends Philotis off...
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