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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2012
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summary of the book: MURDER AT MORTLOCK HALL

The French did not want Marshall to build the new hotel but there were some plans of construction on desktop ofMarshall.
Marshall said that Mortlock Hall was too small, wanted a hotel with more people and more money
Marshall said that he had changed his way ofthinking and wanted to make his new hotel in the House of his father and his father
Archie because of the Marshall business had been in prison and had left theprison last week. I hated to Trevor Marshall and wants to kill him and decided to call Marshall, when Marshall was with Miss Ann Lang the phone rang and I answered,was Archie is scare and went where it was Archie.
Archie wise Marshall plans with the hotel, I ask the money owed him, but Marshall didn't have, was going tokill with his pistol but gave him one day that he pay him what he owed.
They found the dead body of Marshall.
Kenton Inspector and his assistant, SergeantWoods, arrived very quickly in the Hall of Mortlock. They went to the Office of Trevor Marshall, was sitting behind his desk with a round head. Had blood on hisshirt, anddead staba. The inspector began to ask all those who were with Marshall before his death. He deduced that Duff had been killed, but someone was nottelling the truth, Miss Lang had a small gun in his hand. She moved towards the door, she began to open the door. Suddenly Inspector Kenton threw the heavy in itthat struck Briefcase in his arm and with a scream Miss Lang he lowered the gun and it was discovered that the real killer was Miss Lang.

Jeffrey Bolaños Zuñiga
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