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1. Is there a students association in your school? (Kind of organization?)

Yes there is a students’ association whose name is Jolum and which is independent and auto-controlled.

2. What isthe main objective of that association?

That students learn about the skills that a leader has and work towards achieving them in order to be prepared for a national and an international congressheld in different parts of the country and the world.

3. Which are some of the main activities of this association?

They carry out events in order to get together and develop the skills of aleader. They also work to get funds to cover some of the main needs of the campus, helping out some communities, etc.

4. How is it structured? (Mention posts and functions)

There is apresident, a secretary and a treasurer. The president is in charge of organizing the activities to be carried out throughout the semester, the secretary has to be in touch with all the members and getthem together , and the treasurer is in charge of taking care of all the money collected.

5. What is the process for electing the members of this committee?

Every semester, there is an electionday when all the students that are interested cast their vote.

6. Who created the association? How was it created?

There has always been an association in Campus Aguascalientes. It issomething that is suggested in all campuses.

7. Is there any regulation for this association? Where does it come from?

Anybody can participate for the elections. It is something that comes fromthe main campus in Monterrey.

8. How often and under which process in this association renewed?

Every semester students are called out to participate. There is a special day when everyonevotes and the results are given the next day.

9. Which benefits do the students from your school receive from this association?

They are supported with some funds in case they have to go to...
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