Morfologia del robot movemaster rx

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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2010
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Laura María Cardozo Rojas* / Laura Marietta Corredor Sáenz* / Francisco Fernando Vásquez**

This paper presents the morphology of the robot MoveMaster. This robot is located in the robotics lab of the La Salle University. The methodology used for the development of the project is basically practice, observing each of the principal parts that arobot must physically have, like is the mechanical structure, system of performance, system of transmission, systems of control, sensorial system and finally the terminal elements that depends on the task to make have a certain tool. The result is an investigation of its morphology and also part of this is a appropriate review of the problems that this robot has to perform a trajectory.
Keywords:sensorial system, mechanical structure, system of control, system of transmission, sensorial system, terminal elements.

En este documento se presenta la morfología del robot MoveMaster. Este robot se encuentra ubicado en el laboratorio de robótica de la universidad de la sallé. La metodología empleada para el desarrollo del proyecto es básicamente práctica,observando cada una de las partes principales que un robot debe tener físicamente, como es la estructura mecánica, sistema de actuación, sistema de transmisión, sistemas de control, sistema sensorial y por último los elementos terminales que dependiendo de la tarea a realizar tienen una herramienta determinada. Como resultado se obtiene una investigación de toda su parte morfológica y además de estose encuentra una debida reseña de los problemas que este robot posee para que realice una trayectoria.
Palabras Claves: sistema sensorial, estructura mecánica, sistema de control, sistema de transmisión, sistema sensorial, elementos terminales.

Industrial robots are electromechanical systems that, by its appearance or movements, offer a sense of purpose itself. Each robothas a morphology which is composed of six components, which are listed below. The robot MoveMaster located in the robotics lab at the University of La Salle has some problems with some component of the morphology of either the sensory system, control, and so its mechanical structure. In this document specify each of the parties who own and their potential damage, in addition to these futuresolutions for a complete path of movement of the robot.
The robot Mitsubishi MoveMaster is as shown in Figure 1, in the robotics lab this is responsible for collecting the pieces of the conveyor belt and take it to the artificial vision module for subsequent analysis, then puts the workpiece in the band around and the part being machined on the cutter places it on the hydraulicpress of the next module to continue the manufacturing process.

Figure 1. MoveMasterRobot

It is an articulated robot, basically rotational movements, has five degrees of freedom, as shown in Figure 2, which are three in the body and two on the wrist. The material comprising the base is aluminum with a protective housing is made of plastic.
In practice it was observedthat the structure is physically in good condition since it has no damage in the links or in his case all the physical part is perfectly general.

Figure 2. Freedom degrees.

The generation of the movements of this robot are given by five servo-motors, which are in each of the joints (J1 is the waist, J2 is the shoulder, elbow is J3, J4 is the twist of the wrist andJ5 is the inclination of the wrist) down on the boards of J1, J2 and J3, have a power of 30W and above joints J4 and J5 have a power of 11W.
Each of the joints, had a different rotation ie, the rotation of J1 is 300º, the rotation of J2 is 130º, the rotation of J3 is 110º, J4 turns 180º and J5 inclination of 90 degrees.
By testing each of these actuators, see figure 4 shows that each has...
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