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Language Practice 1A

1. Identify the individual morphemes in the words given below.
Determine whether they are free or bound morphemes, roots, suffixes or prefixes and what type ofsuffix or prefix they are (derivational or inflectional).

Example: unwelcome
Un (bound derivational prefix ) - wel (bound root) – come (free root).

1. Carefully: Care (free root) - ful (boundroot) – ly (bound derivational suffix)
care (free root) / -ful (bound derivational suffix) / -ly (bound derivational suffix).
2. Unhappy: Un (bound derivational prefix) – happy (free root)
3.Incorrect: In (bound derivational prefix) – correct (free root)
4. Unsuitable: Un (bound derivational prefix) – suit (free root) – able (bound derivational suffix)
5. Sincerely: Sincere (free root) – ly(bound derivational suffix)
6. Faithful: faith (free root) – ful (bound derivational suffix)
7. walking : walk (free root) – ing (bound inflexional inflectional suffix)
8. electricity : electric(free root) – ity (bound derivational suffix)
electr (bound root) / ic (bound derivational suffix) / ity (bound derivational suffix)
9. precaution: Precaution (free root)
Pre (bound derivationalprefix) – cau (bound root) – tion (bound derivational suffix)
10. freezer : freez (free root) – er (bound inflexional suffix)
freez(e) (free root with spelling change) / er (bound derivationalsuffix)
11. headaches: head (free root) – aches (bound inglexional suffix)
head ( bound root)- ache ( free root)- s ( bound inflectional suffix)
12. unfortunately: un (bound derivational prefix) –fortunate (free root) – ly (bound derivational suffix)
Un (bound derivational prefix) – fortune (free root) – ate (bound derivational suffix) – ly (bound derivational suffix)
13. impossible: Im (boundderivational prefix) – possible (free root)
im (bound derivational prefix) / poss (bound root) / ible (bound derivational suffix)
14. teachable : teach (free root) – able (bound derivational...
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