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For centuries, Morocco has been drawing poets, artists, writers and travelers in search ofadventure and the exotic. For many travelers Morocco provides the first taste of Africa,
It is of great importance to tourism students have a deeper knowledge about how different types of tourist routes, and one of the major attractions around the world is Morocco. The attractions that are placed in the itinerary must be in safe places so that the client feels safe to visit the site without anydrawback in the place visited.

Will be of great benefit to the person who will make the journey know what those needs that the customer has to carry out that dream trip likewise are aware of knowing what the user really wants.

To perform a route is necessary to know about the documentation needed to enter that country, know what the most outstanding attractions to be found and their respectiveactivities, room type, other complementary services.

The customer should be satisfied with the itinerary offered, since it is he who is traveling and also you should provide a good service because it will be the customer who will receive the download, either positive or negative, reaching the satisfactions in this case is to visit Morocco.

You must know how to inform the client of all detailsthat will bring the itinerary, as there are times when certain services are not provided, all this does not occur any problem with the client.

At the time of making the package the customer has requested is necessary to know how much is the budget with this account and that the services it will offer either category of hotel, transportation, food, tickets, among others, will depend on how theclient is willing to pay for the completion of that journey.

Morocco is a land full of stark contrasts. In a theoretical sense, a traveler might sit on the beach at Essaouira, climb Mount Toubkal, and ride a camel into the Sahara Dunes in Merzouga at sunset. Morocco is separated geographically by the High Atlas Mountains and the Middle Atlas Mountains. Morocco’s northern most mountainrange is the Rif Mountains, famous for towns such as Tetouan and Chefchaouen.
Morocco is located in Northern Africa, bordering for the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, between Algeria and Western Sahara.
Morocco had been geographically important and historically rich way before the Arabs invaded in the seventh century. Fossil remains in parts of thecountry show Morocco was inhabited over 50,000 years ago. Rock carvings portray lush forests populated by elephants, ostriches, giraffes and lions. Myth has it that Hercules separated Europe from Africa, and in doing so created the Strait of Gibraltar, the Caves of Hercules (just outside of Tangier) and the Pillars of Hercules, the rocks of Gibraltar and Ceuta.
The Arabs and Islam arrived to Moroccoin the 7th century. However, even before the arrival of the Phoenicians the land was already inhabited by a group of indigenous tribal people, who still inhabit much of the countryside and mountain regions, and whose origins are still being debated.
According to recent genetic testing, most northwest Africans have Berber origins. Science still has not definitively identified where the Berbers areoriginally from, but genetically, the predominant ancestors of the Berbers seem to have come from East Africa and the Middle East.
The Berber people succumbed to or resisted various outside invasions over Morocco’s long history. While Christianity swept through, they either converted or were forced to become nomadic, seeking solace in the harshest regions of the country.
When the Arabs...
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