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All SERIES 2 Motion Coordinators feature Multi-Tasking TRIO BASIC. The controller can run up to 15 named BASIC programs (5 on an MC204) and a command line process simultaneously using pre-emptive multi-tasking. Each BASIC program has named local variables and can in addition used a shared variable array. The programs can use groups of axes freely in any combination. The multi-tasking canmake writing programs for complex machines far easier as a program can be written to perform each machine process independently yet they can share data and motion axes as required. Additional BASIC commands are available on the SERIES 2 to control the multi-tasking and the real time clock.

Motion Perfect:
Trio supply a Windows based application development program “MotionPerfect” with each Motion Coordinator. This program provides all the features required to setup, program and archive applications. The program communicates with the Motion Coordinator via the serial port.
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Motion Coordinator SERIES
Tr i o B A S I C Programming
Trio’s Multi-Tasking BASIC is a flexible programming system used by the Motion Coordinator SERIES 2 range of programmablepositioners. The syntax is similar to that of other structured BASIC systems. A PC is used to develop and test the application program which coordinates all the required motions and machine functions. Once complete, the PC may be removed and the controller set to run standalone. FEATURES

Motion Coordinator SERIES 2:

Project Manager Axis Parameter Display Change Automatically Load and Save Programs toPC

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Automatically Generate Initialization Program

Multiple Terminal Windows may be opened Multi-Program “Windows” Style Screen Editor Load and Save Variables/Tables to PC Display/Change Inputs, Outputs and Flags Jog Axes Program Debugger On-line Help with Motion Perfect and Trio BASIC Trio Membrane Keypad Emulator Configure and Initialise CAN Amplifiers *

q q q q q q qPROGRAM CONTROLS:


- Compile a program - Copies a program on the controller - Deletes a program - Directory of programs - Edit a program with VT100 terminal - Store programs to flash eprom - Clear a program - Halts all processes - List a program - Lists running programs and priorities - Renames a program - Sets runtime priority and configuration - Selects a program for edit

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4-Channel Oscilloscope to Monitor Parameters & I/O Graphical view of Table data Configure Program Baudrate, Serial Port, Displays etc.

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Fast structured BASIC for easy standalone machine programming Fully integrated with Trio’s MotionPerfect application development software Comprehensive motioncontrol functions for 1-16 axes (dependant on controller type) Multi-tasking of up to 14 tasks (5 on MC204) Axes may be servo or stepper motors Feedback from incremental or absolute encoder or resolver. Stepper position verification Free MotionPerfect support utilities run on PC compatibles BASIC programs stored in flash EPROM Versatile I/O Expansion options. 96 On MC2, up to 512 I/O via CANinterface on MC204. Wide range of operator interfaces Real maths, bit operators, and variables Linear, circular, and helical interpolation Cam profiles, software gearboxes High speed registration functions with hardware position capture. Continuous speed control Standalone or computer controlled operation Specialist user functions such as robot transformations can be incorporated into the system software.REAL TIME CLOCK CONTROLS: (MC2 ONLY) DATE DATE$ DAY DAY$ TIME TIME$ - Returns date - Prints date - Returns day of week - Prints day of week - Returns time - Prints time

Trio BASIC has over 200 commands designed to make programming motion functions quick and simple.

ADDITIONAL CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS: LOADSYSTEM- Serially update system software LOCK STORE UNLOCK - Prevent programs being...
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