Motivation (learning skills)

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Motivation is one of the most important skills for learning, when this aspect doesn’t exist, the student will difficulty learns. It is the motor for learning anything. The motivation is usuallydefined as something that gives energy and directs the conduct. It is not only linked in relation students-teachers but also has to be with the communication between parents and students.Motivation makes an influence in the thoughts of the student and in consequence is the obtained grade.

As teachers we have to motivate the students and for that we have to know all about it to make abetter job. So, first we have to create a warm and accepting atmosphere in our classroom, and then we have to determine incentive that is like motivate the student individually, we have to give andpresent the student the objectives that are proposed, and the reasons to do it. But we can go over, knowing the types of motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is the one that has the student, andhas the objective the auto-realization of the student, also a student intrinsically motivated takes the learning as a finality and the incentives to learn are in the homework. The extrinsicmotivation is the action effect or the impulse which produce in people specific situations, objects or events that take them to the realization of the activities. This motivation is the opposite of theintrinsic one.

Contribute to the motivation of the students in learning involve making the students understand the importance of it and that the learning is really interesting, and make themfeel competent to resolve the challenge.

Study and going further about developing the interest, a productive relation between student-professor, and an intrinsic motivation is responsibility ofthe education and its actors for achieve a relation of interaction that make them a team, where everyone assume his/her responsibility and get encourage in the process of learning.

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