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Upon receipt of the product and prior to initial operation, read these instructions thoroughly, and retain for future reference. MOTOMAN INSTRUCTIONS MOTOMANINSTRUCTIONS NX100 INSTRUCTIONS NX100 OPERATOR S MANUAL NX100 MAINTENANCE MANUAL
The NX100 operator s manuals above correspond to specific usage. Be sure to use the appropriate manual.



This manual explains setup, diagnosis, maintenance, hardware and so on of the NX100 system. Read this manual carefully and be sure to understand its contents before handling the NX100. General items related to safety are listed in Section 1. To ensure correct and safe operation, carefully read the section.

Some drawings in this manual are shown with the protective coversor shields removed for clarity. Be sure all covers and shields are replaced before operating this product. The drawings and photos in this manual are representative examples and differences may exist between them and the delivered product. YASKAWA may modify this model without notice when necessary due to product improvements, modifications, or changes in specifications. If such modification ismade, the manual number will also be revised. If your copy of the manual is damaged or lost, contact a YASKAWA representative to order a new copy. The representatives are listed on the back cover. Be sure to tell the representative the manual number listed on the front cover. YASKAWA is not responsible for incidents arising from unauthorized modification of its products. Unauthorized modificationvoids your product s warranty.


Notes for Safe Operation
Read this manual carefully before installation, operation, maintenance, or inspection of the NX100. In this manual, the Notes for Safe Operation are classified as WARNING, CAUTION, MANDATORY, or PROHIBITED.
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury to personnel.Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in minor or moderate injury to personnel and damage to equipment. It may also be used to alert against unsafe practices. Always be sure to follow explicitly the items listed under this heading.

Must never be performed.

Even items described as CAUTION may result in a serious accident in some situations. At any rate, besure to follow these important items.
To ensure safe and efficient operation at all times, be sure to follow all instructions, even if not designated as CAUTION and WARNING.


Before operating the manipulator, check that servo power is turned OFF when the emergency stop buttons on the front door of the NX100 and programming pendant are pressed. When the servo power is turned OFF, theSERVO ON LED on the programming pendant is turned OFF. Injury or damage to machinery may result if the emergency stop circuit cannot stop the manipulator during an emergency. The manipulator should not be used if the emergency stop buttons do not function.
Emergency Stop Button

Once the emergency stop button is released, clear the cell of all items which could interfere with the operation of themanipulator. Then turn the servo power ON. Injury may result from unintentional or unexpected manipulator motion.

Release of Emergency Stop

Observe the following precautions when performing teaching operations within the P-point maximum envelope of the manipulator : - View the manipulator from the front whenever possible. - Always follow the predetermined operating procedure. - Ensure thatyou have a safe place to retreat in case of emergency. Improper or unintended manipulator operation may result in injury. Confirm that no persons are present in the P-point maximum envelope of the manipulator and that you are in a safe location before: - Turning ON the NX100 power - Moving the manipulator with the programming pendant - Running the system in the check mode - Performing automatic...
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