Mountain hawk

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  • Publicado : 16 de enero de 2011
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Common name |Mountain hawk eagle | |
|Scientific name |Spizaetus nipalensis |
|Range |The Mountain hawk eagle isdistributed from the foothills of the Himalayas east |
| |through China and south through Japan and Taiwan. |
|Habitat |The Mountainhawk eagle is found in coniferous or mixed forests from 1000 to 3500|
| |meters in elevation. |
|Diet in the wild|The Mountain hawk eagle feeds on wild rabbits, squirrels and partridges |
|Diet in the zoo |This raptor's diet in the zoo consists of white field mice |
|Status|The Japanese Mountain Hawk Eagle is considered an endangered species |
|Location in the zoo |Raptor Canyon|

|Physical Description: |
|The mountain hawk eagle has dark brown feathers on the head and body with a lightcinnamon feathers on |
|the breast. Beaks are most often black as are their claws. They have yellow eyes. They are usually |
|between 24 to 28 inches in length, although Japanese mountain hawksare larger (28 to 31 inches). |
|General Information and Behavioral Adaptations: |
|The mountain hawk eagle is one of the most voraciousraptors in the world. They sit upon a concealed |
|perch high in the forrest to observe the unsuspecting ground quarry, then move down to a lower branch |
|to make a short and fast swoop. Theirnests are within the deep confines of forests throughout Asia.  |
|Most mountain hawk eagle lay three eggs, and defend the young throughout the development into adults. |
|Special Adaptations...
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