Movie medievalism

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Medieval movies
The film today has become one of the favorites in entertainment, and not least the Contemporary artists have taken advantage of to introduce topics that are cultural attractions and historical and fascinate the audience. Topics such as religion, Rome, the Middle Ages, historical scenarios that are full of excitement, adrenaline, and above all to satisfy the expectations of anaudience which has an imagination filled with medieval and the mysteries it contains. Great movies that run from oldest as El Cid (1961) or closest to the Kingdom of Heaven today (2005), are models of life circumstances, cultures and priorities of that time.
In the Medieval times it was characteristic the ambition of power, and the rivalry between cultures that always ended in war. These two moviesrepresent a clear view of the conflict in which Spain and the Saracens lived in that specific time. First of all we need to now that the word of “Saracens” was a word used by the Christians to refer to people who inhabited the deserts near the Roman province of Syria and which later refer to all the Muslims. Both movies make clear that there exits a kind of between the Europeans and theSaracens, and at the same time there is a huge struggle between war and peace.

According to history, legends and literature had become Cid an immortal character. "The Spain of the Cid” as according to the present “El Cid” embodies the highest human qualities, remains a hero who represents Spain and presents it as a full Spanish hero. This character is the symbol of unity and strength for the finalwar. In the movie of the eleventh century, Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, better known as El Cid, will have to fight the Moors and participate in the intrigues and battles for the conquest of power in the other Spanish territories.
In Kindom of Heaven is more or less the same intention to represent these rivalries. It is the time of the Crusades During the Middle Ages and in this case its Balian who takethe form of a great knight, and who become the savior and the peacemaker of the drama. Since the Beginning of the movie the king Baldwin IV has desire of a kingdom where eurepeans (or cristhians) live in peace with Muslims. When Godfrey, kings defender, died he send his son to defend the king no matter what, and here is when Balian takes the responsibility in the search of a better world. Whenthe king died, Guy de Lusignan , assume the power and in search of his time of glory he causes a terrible war against the Muslims. This leads to the breakdown of peace and the beginning of the war, which led by Guy of Lusignan lost and Muslims win. At the end Balian is waiting for the attack of the enemy troops. He surprise the legendary Muslim leader Saladin, by the wisdom and courage in wichBalian have defended the people.
Both movies show the same message , In addition of showing us the history, its carry a message of unity and rejection of war and rivalry. In both films it is clear that one could bring peace between the two sides enemies, but both cases, the ambition of certain leaders ended up causing a fatal encounter and destruction. There are many scenes where you see thepicture body, as the teacher said, in which it there are always a bond that binds Both Sides. Scenes like when Balian forgive the life of a muslin leader later on this same Muslim forgive his life back it’s a perfect example of it. So it is when Balian surrender Jerusalem it concludes making a deal with Saladin that ends once again in peace act.
In the Cid , Rodrigo, also join with the muslins and apoint of the movie. At the class the professor said that this was a kind of reflection of our days. And I’m am totally in agreement with that. We have seen this rivalry between nations, perfectly show in September 11, when the twin towers where collapsed by an terrorist act, a thousands of innocents died because of that. Because of that we all live the war between United States Of America in...
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