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POPPY 1: WAKES UP SLOWLY No! Today’s the day my dad’s girlfriend comes!

CROWD: Whoo!


DAD: Get out of there, now! Hesitates Your going to boarding school in England and that’s final!

POPPY 1: Just another excuse! I know you wouldn’t do that to me!SCENE 2:

POPPY 1: Oh my god! This is all brick!

Crowd notices her; Harriot comes towards her

HARRIOT: Hello there, your new I’m guessing? holds out her hand You shake the hand, out of respect!

POPPY 1: When you earned my respect, then I’ll shake it.

Harriot walks away in a huff; Poppy goes to her room

POPPY 1: Hi, I was assigned to this room.. You have to leave.

JANE:’s bed number five of the corrider, your choice. I’m Jane by the way. This is Drippy, Kate and Kiki.


POPPY 1: Yeah, yeah... Well I won’t bother remembering your names because I’ll be out of here by tommorrow.

DRIPPY: Ahh... another American...

KATE: We had an America a while ago... Just as obnoxious...


Kate and Poppy get under the car; Freddy comes andaccidently drops his car keys; a teacher bumps into Freddy.

TEACHER: What are you doing here? Do whatever you have to quickley, you’re disturbing the girls.

FREDDY: Ok, ok. kate sneezes;Freddy fake sneezes Alergies... Poppy makes a fart sound Emm... Better an empty house that a grumbly one...


Kate and Poppy start to giggle


In the hair dresser

POPPY 1: Ok,so i want my extensions taken out, some buttery highlights, some side bangs and how bout some curls?

HAIR DRESSER: Emm.. I’m afraid i can’t do that... how about a nice little bob?

POPPY 1: No...

HAIR DRESSER: Ohh.. i know... a pineapple?

POPPY 1: No...

HAIR DRESSER: How about a natural look?

POPPY 1: Natural? Sounds good... Then natural it is...

Hair dress does his job and wehave a change of Poppys

KATE: Woah... You look great!

JANE: Yeah Poppy.. you actually look English!

POPPY 2: Haha, thank you... I look so much like my mom...

DRIPPY: Wow... I bet she was really pretty huh?

POPPY 2: Yeah, she was...


The gang come out laughing

POPPY 2: Okay girls, let’s go get outfits for the party!

DRIPPY: Can we first go to the beauty parlor? Ineed to get my eyebrows done.

KATE: Sure

JANE: Alright... This operation must go precisly as planned

POPPY 2: Let’s get a move on it then!!


Girls play with clothing and laugh

POPPY 2: Woah! That looks really good on you drippy!

DRIPPY: Thanks!

POPPY 2: Definately not Kate! You can’t wear that!

KATE: I’ll go find something else...

POPPY 2: Good job Jane, butthose shoes don’t match with what your wearing...

JANE: I’m on it!

KATE: Now??

POPPY 2: Perfect! Alright ladies, remember what i showed you!

GIRLS: Who are we?!?!?

Getting ready for the party...girls talking freely, later... the girls walk down the stair where the party is.

POPPY 2: Lips, hips, hips and butt!

GIRLS: Hahaha

Pop music starts to play and the girls start to singalong


JÚLIA: Júlia plays Poppy Moore (1) in the movie. She has two older brothers, that are twins, and a little sister. She lives in Las Vegas with her boyfriend Justin Timberlake. She was born in Kenya, Africa on the 12th of September of 1989.

She has a long acting career and she also sings. She starred in the movie(s) Wild Child, Romeo and Juliet and also 27 Dresses. Shewas also an extra in High School Musical 2 and she was a guest star in the spanish show Cambio de Clase.

Her smash-hit song is “Poker Face”. Her favorite type of music is rap.

She used to go to Radnoh Township School District, but when she started acting she had to be home schooled.

Júlia is now very successful and famous and she’s hoping to star in the movie Eclipse from the Twilight...
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