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TV Host-Good Morning WALKS. We are reporting from Walks News Studio. Today we are going to talk with Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase about their second adventure in their most recent release, Sea of Monsters. Good morning guys. How are you today?

Percy- I’m fine and happy to be here.

Annabeth-. Very excited about this new movie!

TV Host- Percy, you are themain character of this movie. What is the theme of this story?

Percy- Sea of Monsters is about family love, friendship and acceptance. Poseidon, my father, recognized Tyson like his son and my brother. Tyson is a Cyclops and I was not so happy about that. But I finally accept Tyson as half brother and I was proud of him.

TV Host – Annabeth, who is the author of this remarkable movie andwhere does it take place?

Annabeth – The author is Rick Riordan, and it takes place in the Bermuda Triangle (the sea of monsters), Camp Half Blood and Polyphemus Island

TV Host – I haven’t seen the movie yet, so, could you tell me what is the plot?

Annabeth –This movie is the second adventure of Percy Jackson, who goes on a quest to save his friend Grover and the Golden Fleece. The GoldenFleece is needed to save Thalia’s tree.

TV Host- – Percy, what is the problem of this second adventure?

Percy- The problem of the movie is that Thalia’s tree was dying. This tree is a magical border that protects Camp Half Blood. It was poisoned and unless a cure is found the only safe place for demigos would be destroyed.

TV Host- - Who are your friends and who are your enemies in thisquest?

Percy- My friends are Annabeth (she is a brave girl, she always wanted to go on a quest and she always saves my life); Grover (he is my best friend, he is half goat half human and he always protects me). Both were on my first quest; and Tyson (he is in the school and nobody appreciates him, but he is my half brother because Poseidon said so). He is new in Camp-Half-Blood.

In additionto all the monsters that we had to fight during our journey in the Sea of Monsters, my main enemies are Luke Castellan and the Polyphemus. Luke is helping Kronos, who wants to destroy the Olympus and the Greek Gods. The Polyphemus is a Cyclops that had the Golden Fleece in an island in the Sea of Monsters.

TV Host – Annabeth, how would you describe Percy, the main character of The Sea ofMonsters?

Annabeth –In this second adventure, Percy is brave, strong, and very helpful.

TV Host –What was the climax of this story?

Annabeth – The climax of The Sea of Monster is when they are fighting for the Golden Fleece.

TV Host – What was the outcome of the problem in The Sea of Monsters and how did your character helped solving it?

Annabeth – The outcome was that Percy, Annabeth andTyson found the Golden Fleece. My character helped solving it by using intelligence and strategy.

TV Host- –Percy, what is your favorite part of this journey?

Percy- My favorite part is when Annabeth throws a drachma and says some Greek words that I don’t understood and then a magical taxi appeared. When I got in the taxi, there were three old ladies fighting ( Wasp,Tempest and Anger).They were going to takes us to Camp Half Blood, but I noticed they only had one eye for the three of them. The one driving had no eye and she was driving like crazy. Tyson was not feeling good of his stomach and I was really scared. Then their only eye fell down and they where fighting for it. I took the eye and I didn’t give it back until they told me what the place I wanted to go was. Then theytold me some strange numbers and I gave them the eye because Annabeth was yelling me to give her the eye. Then later we knew that the numbers were the longitude and latitudes where the island was. Finally, the taxi crashes to a tree and we could see Camp Half Blood hill and the campers fighting and then we run to help them.

TV Host- In you first adventure you had the pen Riptide to defend you...
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