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2nd. Level

Movie Summary.
Nick Marshall is a creativeadvertising divorced with a teenage daughter and a few ideas, superman about the world of women. It costs relate that variation of the average man does not know everything, or almost all, about the privacyof women. Thus, from the initial tranche What Women Want, directed and co-written by a woman on the other hand, looks like an order of understanding to the screams.
Nick is very confident of theirabilities, convinced that you will get his promotion to creative director of the agency where he works.But the poor must bear the news stoically gives her boss (Alan Alda), the new creative director isnot it ... but her. Yes, a woman.Or more precisely Darcy McGuire, the creative-star who just resigned to the competitor. Nick crazy with explanations of his boss: "We need to attract companies thatsell to women, they are the ones that move the market." The reasons do not convince, but no alternatives. So, with his best side, attends the first meeting with his new boss. There, a deadpan deliveryHunt crocheted items to each of the creative-armed corsets, stockings, lipstick, depilatory wax, mascara, hair treatments and creams.
That night, at home, while taking a drink of wine and listen to analbum inspired by Alanis Morissette who stole her daughter's backpack, Nick test in your body every one of those articles. After dancing in the mirror and struggles with a hairdryer, Nick falls in thebathtub transvestite, with the unit plugged in, and was electrocuted. It would have been a good ending, but that does not end but begins the film. The next day, when awake, Nick discovers somethingthat horrifies him first and then meet. You can hear the thoughts of all women: your maid, your daughter, your co-workers, which crosses the street and even those of his Darcy. Beating, Nick soon...
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