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Luigi Pirandello School

Essay of the book E.T. The extra-terrestrial.

Student: Maria Fernanda Camargo

Teacher: Alexander Torres

Grade: Eight “B”

Bogota D.C. 2010Book: E.T. The extra-terrestrial

Alternative title: The successful of the book E.T. the extra-terrestrial.

This book has a history very melancholic because of the history, inthis book that has like reference the science fiction , this book was successful because of the history, the history is very interesting and in some parts melancholic in some partssuspencive parts and in the final part of the book make you smile, E.T.
In the release ( in America Friday 11 Julie of 1982) has a great successful in her time and becauseof this has a edition in a book and in a movie and jet in this time in some tv programs nationals and internationals give this movie when the release of the book has 9 Oscars , 1golden globes and 1 award Saturn, this book has a very creative history and it has a great acceptation of the public in general, and maybe talk in a possible continuation of themovie. In my personal point of view when I read this book I think that it has some parts that is sad for example when et was near to die but also when they was with et to phone tothe family has adventure, this book mix all the things that make a great history.
This book uses the fantasy like a great element to make the book more interesting because is aextra-terrestrial with a very strange form; I think that some people said that the book is boring because when change movie to book interesting parts was omitted but I think thatthe essence of the book is in the history; in conclusion I think that the book E.T. the extra-terrestrial has successful because of his interesting history and a lot of facts .
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