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  • Publicado : 27 de septiembre de 2010
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The Cuban Revolution
begins in 1959
America already witnessed growth ISS
younger university booming
Rising ecomony didnt meet the demant for the growth
Plan of action was therevolution
President of Cuba today Rual Castro, Fidel Castro brother
Population:11.3 million
Literay rate:99.8 %
Cuban geography columbus arrive 1600 cuba strategic ground for spinards for conquering.Important sugar colony and continues to do so today hitched to sugar production and proxity to the US. 90 Miles away. Condusive to guerilla war.
Island deeply devide Havanna most important. Topographyhuge. 64 ft. yacht set for mexico to cuba Fulgecio Bastita ran thrugh puppet government. Mulato mix with white and african humble brackground Military obligatory.
Populist leader 1901-73 to createbasic support for their regime. similar as mexican style leader, reaching out to peasant, farmers, encourage trade unions built better working condition. usesd forced to have control. Ruled mostly asa dictator.
Fidel Castro abroad the Carmen Yacht elite education, went to law school in Havannah ardent nationalist. Influenced by liberalism Flores mangon brothers, Jose Marti called for economicpolitical independence from the United States. Malitant not oppposed to using force for affecting social movement. In columbia in 1948 two day riot Bogotazo upswelling of discontent assasinationpolitical left wing. Back in cuba gained national attention unsucceful attacl on he Monacada Barracks JUly 26, 1953. avg age 26. Surprise attack on the barrack caravan of car represent delegation to checkbarracks. fled to the moutains but got caught bput on trial for treason. gives in retrospect a 5hour long speech on how shitty cuba was and the class struggle.
Ernestp"Che' Guevara and Fidel
Cheupper middle class family in argentina
love to travel through history
poverty during traveled ratified his feelings in love of latin american identity broader through travel. overthrow of presendent...
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