Multicultural education: the new strategy of the xxi century

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The new strategy of the XXI century

Angélica Mª De La Rosa T

Today's society has a lot of cultural diversity, and this situation is clearly evident in manyclassrooms in the entire world. For this reason the schools and learning environments must work for all and must reflect the cultures of the communities they serve.
The imbalance of power betweenthe dominant culture and subjugated cultures has created centuries of aggression, antagonism, and resistance. Fortunately, the concept that cultural differences enrich our society is more and moreaccepted. It is the suppression of cultures that weakens the society. For this reason, the cultural minorities and cultural majorities must learn that it isn’t which culture is the strongest; they have tounderstand how they can learn from the differences. For this situation the teachers think about the multicultural education.
Multicultural education has emerged in the 1990's to concentrate onthe educational needs of a society that continues to struggle with the realization that it isn’t monoculture, but is an incorporation of many cultures. Much of the evident and covert nationalconflict about race, ethnicity, social class, and gender in the U. S. has been based in the mythology of a superior culture into which all others must be assimilated, but this not only happened en U.S; as weknow in all the world, that situation happen day after day, because some people think that their culture or their race is better than the other.
We can see that in some cities of Europe, somepeople don’t like the people, who are different; this is an important problem that not only Europe has, the entire world has this problem. A lot of people know that, and for this, they try to createan education about cultural differences and not an education of the people who are different. Our society have to take into account that if we understand and try to learn a little of the other...
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