Multilingual kids

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The study on human language has been the battleground over different theories of human nature and is so interesting that unlike most other things, there is an entire field devoted to its study, the field of linguistics that is entirely devoted to studying the nuances and structures of different languages.
When we talk about language, we can mention systems like Spanish, Dutch,Chinese, BUT we can also use the term “language” to describe what dogs do, or birds, even to describe music.
There are some important scientific facts, like the one that says that languages all share some deep and intricate universals, in particular, all languages at minimum are powerful enough to convey an abstract notion, like this, abstract in the sense that it talks about thoughts and it takesabout a proposition and spatial relations in objects. There is no language in the world that you just cannot use talk about things that are abstract. Every language can do this.
An interesting claim about language was made by Charles Darwin, he wrote “man has an instinctive tendency to speak, as we see in the babble of our young children, while no child has an instinctive tendency to bake, brew orwrite”.
What Darwin wrote has been considered very controversial and interesting claim, and is that language is special in that there´s some sort of propensity or capacity or instinct for language unlike the other examples he gives.
Not everything comes natural to us but Darwin suggests that languages do, why we believe this claims? Because there are facts that support that: for one thing, everynormal- every human society has a language and through the course of human history, nobody has ever encountered another group of humans that did not have a language.
How we know this? Because studies where a language is created within a single generation. And these case studies have happened in history. A good example is that people involved in the slave trade, revolving tobacco or cotton, coffee orsugar, would tend to mix slaves and laborers from different language backgrounds and those slaves would develop a makeshift communication system so they could talk to each other, and this was called “PIDGIN”; and was not a language, it was s strings of words borrowed from different languages around them.
Language is part of human nature and is supported by neurological studies, some of whichreferred to in the chapters on the brain that help you to talk, and dedicated parts of the brain that work for language, it is creative and like Rene Descartes said: “we are more than merely machines, we can say all what we want, we can create sentences and understand sentences that we never heard before”.
So now we are about learn about multilinguism, as a very important weapon for our kids, for us andour society, as we grow and change,

Childhood Development, Critical Period & Learning Process of Human Beings

Inside childhood development we can mention the critical period that according to studies goes from zero years old to seven years old on every single kid (this happens as long as the kid does not show any cognitive impairment), and on that period is when kids are able to absorb assponges a language just by listening to it.
Holds that primary language acquisition, must occur during a critical period which ends about the age of puberty with the establishment of cerebral lateralization of function, and people that unfortunately are not exposed to any other language before puberty seem unable to properly acquire the syntax of their first language later in life.
It is widelybelieved that the earlier people start learning a second language, the more successful they will be on it. Critical Period Hypothesis affects the educational policy-making of foreign language teaching, it means, that if the period falls just on the age of twelve of thirteen, you cannot blame yourself for having a foreign accent.
Early child development is fundamentally important to all of us,...
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