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In 1959 the revolutionary government nationalized 90% of the industries and almost 70% of Cuba's agricultural land.
credits and subsidies granted by the USSR to Cuba joined by about 38,000 milliondollars between 1961 and 1984, over 5,000 million per year in late 1980.
in 1993, President Fidel Castro signed a decree allowing the participation of private companies in more than a hundred ofeconomic activities, eg agriculture, forestry and fishing, mining and industry, energy, foreign trade, transport and communications.
Cuba in the 50 showed a marked economic structure with technologicalbackwardness and inadequate industrial development.
During 1959-1989 the product increased at an average annual rate of approximately 4% and economic policy gives the government a role in theproduction of goods and services, the economy experienced far-reaching changes in their production bases, even when repeated many common weaknesses of the socialist countries.
for three decades, Cuba kept outof the enormous changes that were taking place in Western markets. Under arrangements with the socialist countries, the country had secure markets for their exports, a favorable exchange ratio andgenerous funding of the balance of payments.
increased the stock of capital goods and expanded the physical infrastructure was expanded capacity of water reservoirs, the railway network was modernizedand built highways, roads and rural roads. Progress was made in the electrification of the country. It invested heavily in human resource development, particularly in the areas of health, education,culture and sport. The high social content of economic policy allowed substantial improvements in basic services to the population and labor resources training, increasing scoring.

Cuban society isundergoing a profound and unique discussion on problems and solutions.
  The analysis and studies and make decisions can not fail to note that the average education in Cuba is 12 degree and about a...
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