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1 Act. At the Hospital (Kevin, Max, Doctor and Father)
Thefather was sick and the doctor says that he has one week to live
Dad has preference for Kevin and Max thinks that Kevin is going to obtain more things of the inheritance
Max created bad feeling fromKevin and his father
Max call the lawyer, and later he goes to see his father
Dad dies at the hospital

2 Act. At the Restaurant ( Max and the waitress)
Max and the waitress areplanning how and where kill Kevin.
They decided with a poison and at the restaurant
Denisse listen the conversation about the plan of kill Kevin________________________________
(Max, Kevin, Lawyer)
They're talking about the will (Kevin is going to keep the money and max with the house)
Max gets mad because Kevin is going to have more of the inheritance (Maxgives the signal for the waitress takes the poison)
,Kevin takes the poison and collapses ,he doesn´t finish to sign the will

3 Act. Hospital (Doctor and Kevin)

(Kevindidn´t die.)
Doctor cures Kevin
They're talking about the health of Kevin.
Denisse visit Kevin at the hospital and tells what does she heard

4 Act. Restaurant (Detective, PoliceOficcer, both waitresses)
the detectives go to the restaurant to investigate
Detective make some questions to the waitresses
First Bety and she lied
Denisse all that she heard (Police go toMax´s house)
Kevin is furious and he goes to Max's house to kill him
Kevin have a conversation with Max and he said he didn´t tried to kill him
Max takes a gun and tried tokill Kevin but he falled
Max goes to the jail and kevin keep with all the inheritance

5 Act. Hospital (Denisse, Lawyer and Kevin)
the lawyer says Kevin going to get the...
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