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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2011
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The group that we are gong to talk is Muse. Muse is an alternative rock band from Teigmouth, Devon. The membersof the group are: Mathew Villami (compositor, vocals, guitar,keyboardand piano),Dominic howard (drums and percusion), Christopher wolstenholme ( electric bass, keyboard, choirs). Among with the infuences of the artista such as Queen, JimmyHendrix, Rage against the machine.
Befote was called gothic plage and rock baby dolls, but in 1954 Let. The university and decided to rename the grupo to Muse.

In 1998Muse Publiseh his first album and was called Muscle museum.the album reached number three in the indie singles rankigs. The album showed the band´s soft style , and the letters tothe difficulties encuantered in trying to stablish themselves in Teigmouth.

The relise of this album was followed by tours opening for Red hot chilli peppers and foofighters in USA.

In 2001 muse Publisher his second album and was called origin of symmetry. This album had a Dakar and heavier sound to be distorted bass. The band experimentedwith unifamiliar instruments like the church organ.

In 2003 muse Publisher his third album and was called Absolution. This album had songs suck us hysteria and time is runningout.

In 2006 muse Publisher his fourth album and was called back holes and revelations. This album had songs such us supermassive back holes.
This album is the mostcomerciáis suches full of the band.

His best oncert was in 2007 at london.s wembley stadium with a capacity of 70000 people.
In 2009 muse publishd his fifth album and wascalled the resistente . This album had songs such as uprising, undisclosed desires and the resistence. In the 16th (OF) june of 2010 they act in the vicente calderon stadium