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Visit Panama History Museum Located in Old Town city

Streets of Old town of adjacent Panama to the museum of I tell the history of Panama hat.

Entry of the museum of history of Panama hat.Recollection of the baptism of the flag of the Republic of Panama
At 8:00 am of December 20, 1903 the workforce of the army met in Chiriqui's Province in uniform of show.
There was a multitudeobserving the acts and in the middle of the silence the chaplain of the Battalion Colombia Monk Frey Bernardino Gracia De La Concepcion, it blessed the flag. They acted as godfathers Don Jose AgustinArango and Dona Lastenia Lewis de Uribe and Don Gerardo Ortega and Dona Manuela Mendez de Arosemena.

Family of the First President Of Panama Dr Manuel Amador Guerrero.

Cleaver with autograph ofthe President Amador and monogram of the first lady of Panama.

Original design of the National Shield.

Definitive design Of The National Shield
It is designed by Nicanor Villalaz.

Musicianand Composer of Spanish origin, taken the degree as the conservatoire of Madrid, who comes to Panama in 1899. It works first as organist of the cathedral of panama hat, also he was the director of themilitary band and later, immediately after our separation it is designated as the director of the Republican Band. Author of the music of the national anthem. He dies on December 22, 1941.

Letterof the national anthem of Panama.

Follow-ups and autographs of commemorations of 1935, during the administration of the Dr Harmodio. Governmental estates and what today is known as the civil societythey celebrate the republic.

Plaza Cathedral (1880)

Draft and manuscript edition of luxury of the primitive and original project of the constitution of the republic. Presented by the nationalconvention of 1904.

Plaza Cathedral (1093)

Photography of military formation in the square of weapon of Chiriqui's barrack, current Plaza of France. (The building of the bottom was the...
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