Mushaisa's commandments

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  • Publicado : 10 de diciembre de 2010
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English Essay "Mushaisa's Commandments" by: Sergio Morales

     Here in Mushaisa we have a set of rules and laws that we all have to follow. This brings out 7 rules we in English class have wehave created to have the "Mushaisa's Seven Commandments" like "Animal Farm". Because Mushaisa's and Cerrejon's goal is complete security, that makes our rules the safest their should be and so we have toinclude some of the Mushaisa's rules we have and we live by them. This are my "Mushaisa's Seven Commandments": 

1) Respect other people. 
2) Follow all instructions by authorities. 
3) Don't beoutside in a thunderstorm. 
4) Don't eat in the pool. 
5) Follow all driving directions and rules. 
6) Look both ways when crossing the street and use crosswalks or corners. 
7) Recycle. 

   When I say, respect, I mean by making sure the poeple around us are happy by our behaviour and conduct, also I state that we shouldn't make jokes about other people and making them feel bad. Byrespecting other people we are making a safer and peaceful place for us to live. Respect is something we all should have and enjoy. This respect commandment includes stealing, raping, killing and all of thosehorrible things you can come up with. 

    Authorities are on, some of you, your "Naugthy List" but authorities are their for the control and safety of our community we should show some themappreciation but also follow their rules, even though they are boring. Because rules that aren't follow, are not a problem for them but for us because we can get hurt. Follow the instructions also becausethey know what is right for us. 

    Thunderstorms are dangerous and pretty violent they don't care if your white, black, rich, poor, etc. If you are outside you can be caught on one of them and ifyou don't get on shelter really fast you can get sick or worst injured; shelter means a home or a safe place not under a tree. Also it could be fun playing in the rain but it is not cool to be in...
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