Music and health

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Laura Poupinel de Valencé – 344 388
Music and Health – MUSI10113
Assignment #1

Music and the Human Body are indivisible in the way that music affects the body physically or mentally. As music affects the human body, the health is involved and changes to our physical and mental response to music. The wellbeing of our body is very subjective and is influenced by our emotions, satisfactionsetc... Both listening to music and creating music generates emotions in people and different types of music produce different emotions which are important to the wellbeing of people. To explain the consequences of music and making music on our health, I created a playlist presenting twelve songs that act as a catalyst for my psychological, emotional and physical health.
The playlist is divided inthree parts:
-Jazz, Blues and Soul
1. Try a little tenderness by Otis Redding
2. I’ve been loving you too long by Otis Redding
3. I put a spell on you by Nina Simone
4. My baby just cares for me by Nina Simone
5. Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
6. Prelude to a kiss by Ella Fitzgerald
7. Your love is king by Sade
8. By your side by Sade
9. Blues dan mwa by Eric Triton10. Dan koin l’Eglise by Eric Triton
-African songs
11. Bibanke by Asa
12. Wezale by Wes
- French song
13. A la faveur de l’automne by Tété.
The first part of the playlist is composed of ten songs of Jazz, Blues or/and Soul. The two first songs are from the soul singer Otis Redding and the intensity of the combine elements of gospel music, rhythm and blues create in me so many positiveemotions that can’t really be formulated. This type of music is an explosion of notes following rhythm and instrumental improvisations.
The first song of Nina Simone, I put a spell on you, is a more melancholic song. The voice of Nina Simone and the piano during the whole song bring intensity, sorrow and a touch of despair. This song creates in me sad emotions but that have good consequences as thewords of the song are love words and Nina Simone sings her desperate love. The other song by Nina Simone My baby just cares for me is a more joyful and happy song because of the beat and the piano notes. The lyrics bring to the music a feeling of delight and of easiness.
The two songs by Ella Fitzgerald are more sorrow songs as the beat and rhythm are more slow and calm. However the songSummertime creates a feeling of peacefulness, the voice of the two singers (Fitzgerald and Armstrong) generate the intensity of the song as they have so much power and character in their voices. Prelude to a kiss is a calm song where the piano and the vocals of Ella Fitzgerald are the most important things in the song. These songs soothe me in a way because they are remarkable jazz songs and the musicof the voice of Ella Fitzgerald accompanied with the piano and the drums are simply perfect in my opinion.
The two following songs are composed and sang by Sade, an English band using elements of R&B, Soul, Jazz and soft Rock. The first song is Your love is king which is their first UK single released and the second one is called By your side and is part of the Lovers Rock album. These twosongs are of a soul and smooth jazz type and are relaxing and have so much emotional power. They bring me warmth and serenity.
The two last songs from the Jazz, Blue and Soul part are songs by a Mauritian artist. I chose these two songs because they are important to me as they represent my Mauritian origins and represent my multicultural background. Eric Triton sings Blues dan mwa which is a sadand calm song but at the same time very intense and deep because of the voice of the artist and the lyrics which are very poignant. The two songs are sung in Mauritian Creole. The second song, Dan koin l’Eglise is influenced by jazz, blues and Sega the Mauritian traditional music. The energy in the guitar and the artist’s voice create so much emotion to the severity of the lyrics.
This Jazz,...
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