Music and reactions

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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2011
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Music and Reaction
Music is everywhere. It is heard in every place and by everyone in the world. Music is the language of the soul. It can transport us to a time, emotion, or place we have beento or experienced. The content of some songs can represent influences, memories or some emotions that we liked or disliked. Music will always cause a reaction.

Some songs that I have heardmake remember some happy and sad times in my past. For example, the song “You Got a Fiend” reminded me of all the good times that I had when I was in high school with my best friends. These times werereally great times that I miss so much! “Jingle Bells Rock” is a happier song for me because it reminded me of Christmas when I war a small child. However, when I heard the song “Alejate” for thefirst time, I quickly associated it with the inevitable ending of a romantic relationship. It was a time of a great sadness and depression. The song “Long Time Gone” brought a bittersweet memory tomind. It reminded me one day of adventure with my friends. We went to the beach on a weekend vacation and enjoyed many activities under the sun. It was sad when the weekend was over and we went ourseparate ways.

Other songs have made me feel many mixed emotions and feelings. For example, the song “Last Dance” made me feel happy and romantic. It caused a nervous feeling of happiness thatassociated with romance. Also, the song “Jingle Bell Rock” made me feel happy because it is a Christmas song. It made me feel melancholy, spite, and sadness because of a man. “My Immortal” is a song that Ialways associated with loneliness, sadness and love. I heard this song before and it made me feel lonely, sad, and somewhat lost in love.

Others song that I have heard has made me associatethem with some specifics places. When I heard the song “The Prayer” I related it with paradise. This song is religious; therefore it transported me to a place I imagined to be heaven. The song...
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