Music of silence, andrea bocelli

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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2012
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Music of Silence

In the Foreword, Andrea Bocelli describes how he is worried when he is writing about his

life, because feels observed by “the eyes of an old man with a kind face, a watchfulexpression,

and a barely perceptible smile”. He explains how he feels “ridiculous, intimidated, incapable of

anything” because when he feels his gaze, he can feel how the old man is judging him.He uses

a simile I found really interesting, he says he feels like “students who believe themselves to be

the custodians of absolute truths because of a few philosophical notions they have pickedup in

lectures”. I found this part of the book very intriguing, because it shows than even though he is

considered the biggest-selling solo artist in the history of classical music, he stillfeels insecure

and vulnerable sometimes, wondering if his life is really what it should be. In the last paragraph

of the foreword he writes how the inquisitor is himself as an old man, explainingthat’s the

reason “his implacable gaze is always fixed upon me, at every moment of the day, and is at the

root of my every act, my every decision. I love how he describes that he is questioningevery

decision he made now that he’s writing about it, he is now seeing what was right and what was

wrong; and as any human, he judges his own mistakes and feels intimidated.

When Bocelli isdescribing his childhood, he explains how when he was just a few

months old, their family realized he had a terrible pain in his eyes. He was diagnosed with

congenital bilateral glaucoma, so hewould cry almost all the time because of the pain he had in

his eyes. He narrates how her mother would always tell the story of one day, one morning when

he suddenly stopped crying. His motherdidn’t understand the reason for his sudden calmness,

until she “saw him turn on his side and press with his small hands against the wall alongside

the bed”. He started crying again, “and then,...
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