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  • Publicado : 11 de mayo de 2011
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English Homework
By: the seven remalao (Ramón, Hectgleyk, Meibi, Alexander, Ligia, Alejandra y Osdarlis)

We are 7 young people driven by a dream to help and improve our community tocontribute and give a grain of sand, so today we come together and present this project which involves designing a web page or a blog (while) in a joint community radio station which try to motivatepeople (community) or social group encouraged to communicate the problem is happening in your neighborhood, urban or town, and we do get government agents mentioned problems and also try to createsolutions and give advice to improve to meet the seriousness of the problem, also to promote our culture and support and to demonstrate that there is talent in our country and restore our roots thatwere being virtually hidden by the cultures of other countries in a shod since years have instilled in our people. 

Because the media play a fundamental role in the deterioration of our culturewhich teaches violence, sex and which influence the mindset of our people in a direct way by having them as puppets, that's why we decided to fight and establish this project that may seem far by nothaving economic potential, we will not step back, because we focus not create a media war, much less political establishment if not fight for the welfare of the neediest people and information realityof what happens in our communities ... 

As mentioned before this is just a project but we will strive to go beyond the issues raised and make this something that can help people and make themaware about their problems and possible solutions that can be given. Try by means possible to achieve as far as possible to make this something that really impacts on the minds of people who receive themessage. 

If we do not succeed or not as far as we at least want to leave a project that may tomorrow for future generations to inspire him and can get to accomplish what we wanted to do today. 
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