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The best genre of music is the rock. Almost listen by everybody.

Either Metal or other type of rock is good. The best groups of metal are slipknot,Drowning pool, a day to remember, static x, stone sour, disturbed, and rammstein.

Both slipknot and rammstein are very energetic and excellent groups.

In othersgenres of rock like alternative rock, rap metal or alternative metal stand bands such as linkin park, limp bizkit, rage against the machine, and others.

Neitherreggaeton nor cumbia are good; those genres are very distasteful.

Electronic music is great too and some Djs such as Tiesto, Korsakoff and David Guetta aremuch listened nowadays; however, rock its better.

Rock and electronic music are getting more popular in Costa Rica and its listened by young people.

Despitethat alternative rock is pretty cool, old school rock it’s awesome.

Some old school rock greatest groups are: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Rolling Stones,Aerosmith, etc.
Old school rock is listened, but not as often as it used to be in the 90’s.

There are also other cool genres, just like jazz and house.

Theplaces where the house genre is most recognized are: USA, France , Italy, United Kingdom, South Korea and South Africa; as a result, this kind of music is not veryknown in Latin America.

Jazz is a really calm genre; nevertheless, blues is also very relaxing.

The origins of house music were in Chicago around 1980’s.House music and electronic are very danceable genres.

Sade is a terrific blues/jazz singer.

Black people have the greatest voice to sing jazz and blues.
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