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| WP |Romeo and Juliet’s BACKSTAGE |

Before seeing the play
Activity 1
Do some researchabout Romeo and Juliet and answer these questions

1. Who wrote Romeo and Juliet?
|Was written by William Shakespeare|

2. In what year was it written?
Was written in 1597
3. Where is the play set?

4. How many plays or movies whereinspired by this play? Name some.

5. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. Why?
Because they could never be together

Activity 2
Find basic information about theater productions:6. What is a dress rehearsal?
Is when the work is mounted completly
7. What is backstage? What is upstage? What is a curtain? What is a proscenium? What are the Wings?

8.Besides actors and directors, there’s a big crew in a theater production. Find out what these crew members do.
|Stage Manager: |Stage management is the practice of organizingand coordinating a theatrical production. |
|House Manager: ||
|LX: | ||Sound operator: |is the person responsible for the overall and total execution of all sound-related aspects of a theatrical |
| |performance...
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