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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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The good things of the life are free.
Always we think that to be happy, we need the money, but not always it is like that. The life is many than that money, it is emotions, friends, family, onSunday evening boring or entertaining, holidays, laughs, I fill something with surprises to discover!!!. We need to look beyond what we see every day to discover the pretty of the life, essential for us... for example, to enjoy more the happy moments as if they were the last one and to love the people that today only we want with us.
It does not matter if we are…skinny,fat,young orold,crazy,nervous,pessimist,serious,sensible,calm,naughty,slim,etc.We can be super happy…if we want.
Some of the important things on the sincere happiness and without costs (money) they are:
* When love is deliveredwithout waiting for anything in exchange, it can manage to receive thousand times more and the happiness that one feels nothing can pay it.
* In the simplest things are the best things, like beingwith family hanging out with friends, being with potatoes or people you love.
Generally the things free are values and teach us to be better persons and to valuing more the life of us and of our dearbeings.
Another thing as for example ... to fall in love, to whom not him to past?, and if we are sure of what we feel we can have this feeling as a lot of time more... without need of money. Let'simagine when we were small, everything was more simply because the money not meant nothing for us, we living happy and abundances of love to give and to receive, we were totally free and to liberateher, the real freedom is obtained by money.
Here we have ingredients to live more free and no money, take note…!
. The ingredients are: 9. 1 pound of gratefulness. 1 cup of hope. ½ cup of will ¼ ofpound of admiration and very much but very much love to dust. 10. And it is super easily to prepare, simply do it when it you is born, in the just moment and overcoat … say it to this being who gave...
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